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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Easy to Understand Help for Success in Your Landscape

Staring out your window wondering where to begin cleaning out your garden after winter? Sullen plants not thriving where you planted them? Stymied by landscapes or trees withering under the increasing heat load each summer? Here’s a guide to help you work through those and other situations putting a strain on your ability to enjoy your landscape.

Solutions and instructions fill A Guide to Landscape Maintenance for Central Texas Gardens. The title may imply a regional expertise—and it is—however, large chapters like “Tool Selection” and “Techniques” apply to any gardener.

Photos and detailed descriptions help you understand why to choose one style of tool over another. Interactive photos show where and how to prune shrubs, transplant, and water. Slide presentations help demonstrate the importance of maintenance, how to recognize sunburn, and determining if plants have insect or fungal problems.

100 pages of easy-to-understand language and over 100 color photos will start you on your path to relaxing every time you step into your sanctuary surrounding your home.

With these techniques mastered, your landscape will stand out as a shining example of pride-in-ownership and display your partnership with the fresh, natural world that is your home.

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